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  " We would like to commend on their level of commitment to address changes that we needed on the software and in the entire course of working with them, they have shown us to be professional in their approach, especially Mr. Wilson Ten, that we have been working closely with. As such, we are happy to act as testimonial reference for them and wish them every success in the endeavor to market the software in the region. "

Mr. S. V. Yap
Managing Director
PowerSkill Asia-Pacific


"SandFil Performance Management Module is a powerful tool that ensures the alignment of people performance with organizational goals."


With SandFil Performance Management Module, organizations are assured that the people in their organizations fit their roles, because these solutions help organizations align their people with the organizational strategic direction.

Precise Measurement of Output and Performance in Every Level of the Organization

SandFil Performance Management Module provides precise measurement of output and performance in every level of the organization, resulting in an ability to identify immediately whether what people are doing is in line with the organization's direction or otherwise.

Besides measuring, tracking and managing the performance of the hundreds to thousands of employees in every individual department of the organization, SandFil Performance Management Module provides organizations speedy availability of data and information on the performance of each and every employee to help organization make best decisions in the shortest possible time.

Recognizing, Rewarding and Retaining Talents

SandFil Performance Management Module helps organizations reduce the opportunity costs of hiring new employees.

One of the reasons for this lies in the core of its' functional use; because the focus is on competencies, it provides the level of knowledge, skills, and the types of behaviors expected from the employee who fills each position.

When effectively carried out, it is one of the key processes that help both employees know their contributions are recognized and acknowledged, and organizations know that their teams are supporting the accomplishment of their strategic goals.

Recognizing and rewarding talents ensures that the best people can be retained within the organization.

So the first step in ensuring consistent growth in productivity and performance is in using the right solution, the SandFil Performance Management Module.

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