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  " I have been using SandFil for almost 2 years and am quite pleased with the product. SandFil is a good database management system. It is user friendly and I find their search feature very useful especially when dealing with a huge amount of database. "

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"Consolidate, Score and Select the right talent with ease through interview simulation, scoring and ranking system."


Talent acquisition is about attracting true talent to an organization and the work involved is much more than that of a job advertisement. It requires a mental or intellectual paradigm shift in viewing future hires. It would take a large organization years to turn around the barge and start hiring based on talent. But then again, it can also start with the next hire.

When will organizations "sniff the smelling salt" and change the way they approach the search and hiring of candidates? Most companies still post resumes on job portal and hope they find the ideal candidate. What? Are there still people who apply for those jobs? In all actuality, yes. The job portal candidates would never admit that traffic is dramatically decreased and companies are tired of posting jobs with minimal results. Companies need to take a more aggressive approach at looking for its staff versus waiting for that talented person to come waltzing in through the front door. The talent acquisition company, actually goes out and acquires by attracting, hunting and trapping talent. Lace up the gloves and start fighting the war for talent.

SandFil enables the human resource manager to streamline the process of screening by simulating a face to face interview using its Intelligent Interview Simulator. It is strongly believed that every candidate who sends his application should be given a chance to be at least listed and have his curriculum vitae screened. This is a tedious and daunting task if every application is read manually and a summary written for each and every hiring department manager.

The SandFil system allows hiring managers to filter and summarize all applications received for any one position and carry out the evaluation based on the job requirement specifications. This ensures fairness as all the applicant details in the curriculum vitae are captured in the database and pre-qualifies the candidate for further evaluation. The curriculum vitae then goes into the data bank for future reference and retrieval. In the long term the company may also save in repeated advertisements.

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