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  Compliance with International Standards  
  Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint content  
  Easy upload and removal of course content  
  Built-in collaboration tools  
  Flexible security setting for different user access levels  
  " The vendor has been giving us reliable backup service efficiently. They constantly communicate and discuss on potential enhancements to the system. "

Lok Lee Lee
Senior Consultant, NPC


"Delivery learning targets learning systematically and consistently at anytime and in any place"


If you could stop time and inexpensively bring together all of the people in your organization who need to learn and the resources to teach them, you would not need Learning Management System. In the real world, people have jobs to do and budgets are limited. Your learning program will need the power of technology to overcome the limitations of time, distance and resources. You know that people learn in many different ways and at different times. To support these different learning needs, you will need different e-learning delivery methods. Additionally, you will need a way to develop and manage e-learning.

The Learning Management System has to keep the people it's designed for in mind. How do we learn? How do we acquire and retain skills and information to help us develop? Only when we address individual learning styles can the "e" in e-learning be factored in. The electronic delivery system can be adapted to the requirements of the learner.

SandFil utilizes existing training materials and procedures using an open framework with a visual layout and flexible course templates. It can easily incorporate content such as PowerPoint, PDF, Flash, Video, text or images into its system, or create courses from scratch.

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