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SandFil International & SandMerit™

Malaysia’s Award Winning Company and KPI System

SandFil International was founded in Malaysia in 2003 and is a leading “Employee Performance Management Solutions for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)” corporation in Malaysia with a focus on establishing a better sustainable high-performance culture in the businesses that we engage with. We do this through the use of our innovative SandMerit™ KPI Training & Coaching and KPI Software.

HRM Asia Award Winner 2020

SandMerit™ is winner of the “Best HR Tech - Employee Performance Management" for the Small Medium Enterprises or SME segment 2020, awarded by HRM Asia.

"Winning this prestigious award is recognition that SandMerit™ help companies to create better, sustainable, high-performance culture. The SandFil team shall strive to remain at the forefront of Employee Performance Management!"

- Wilson Ten, Founder Sandfil International Sdn Bhd

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